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Shipping & Importing Goods to Canada from the United States

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Online cross border shopping provides Canadians with a great opportunity to save money and purchase items that are not available in Canada by shopping with U.S. retailers.

However, shipping these items to Canada in a cost effective, safe and timely manner can sometimes be difficult for a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. A number of  U.S. retailers do not offer shipping to Canada.
  2. U.S. retailers who do ship to Canada sometimes have prohibitively expensive shipping and handling fees, and
  3. Items shipped to Canada from the U.S. can be damaged or help up for indefinite periods of time by Canadian customs agents.
  4. Some items require specific clearance and documentation to enter Canada.

Fortunately, importing your goods to Canada from the U.S. is getting easier and less expensive all the time. Below is an overview of the options available to you when shipping goods from U.S. retailers: vs.

Compare Amazon prices and selection in the U.S. vs. Canada:

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